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Monday, November 20, 2017 How many days remain before you take the Teas Test?

Teas Test Practice

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TeasTime gives prospective nursing students an opportunity to prepare for the Teas test under actual time constraints. The subjects involved are Math, Science, Reading, and English. Study guides and material are available throughout the internet, but timed quizzes specific to the TEAS test or nursing entrance exam are scarce and usually over-priced.

Terms & Conditions

Practice Teas Tests Include:

Math:(45 questions) 55 minutes
Decimals, Ratio-Proportion, Metric conversions, Percentages, Data interpretation, Whole-numbers, Fractions, and Algebra

English: (55 questions) 65 minutes
Spelling, Punctuation, Contextual words, Sentence structure

Science: (40 questions) 44 minutes
A&P, Chemistry, Physics, Scientific reasoning, General and Life Science

Reading: (34 questions) 46 minutes
Inferences&Conclusions, Paragraph&Passage comprehension

Terms & Conditions